Audio/Video Scripts

Script writing for company/project video or public service announcement, talent coordination, production coordination.

About my services...

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I am a public and media relations professional with 30 years of experience. Through my work with government and non-profit organizations, I have developed expertise in working with agencies and their stakeholders to ensure open and effective channels of communications are maintained. I place a strong emphasis on community outreach, education, consensus building and responsiveness. No project is too small:  I can write your business brief for local media, edit your web page, manuscript or resume, or work with your team to produce and implement your organization's public and media relations plans. 


Public Relations

Team building, public meetings, outreach to citizens and elected officials, project representation, social media management.

Writing & Editing

Business briefs, resumes, annual reports, company/individual biographies, articles and more for a technical or lay audience.

You have some PR needs. I'd like to help.

Media Relations

Project representation, press releases, consultation for spokespersons, media tours, opinion editorials, development of key messages.